The Doomplum

The Dümplom

This large ship is based on a classic Barque, but with an extended keel and more sail, giving it increased speed and crew capacity. The Dümplom (pronounced Doom-Plum) is easily identified, sporting purple-died sails, external framing of bone, and a figurehead in the likeness of a topless woman with the skeletal head of a gigantic bull, arms outstretched holding a perfect plum. Dümplom is 120 feet from stem to stern, and has a beam width of 35 feet.

The Dümplom has three masts, the first two squarfe-rigged and the last fore-and-aft rigged, and an extended bowsprit, allowing it to deploy a large amount of sail. The ship has three decks, and is armed with 10 18-pounder cannons (five to a side) on the mid-deck behind concealed ports, another 12 (six to a side) on the main deck, two 12-pounder ‘chasers’ mounted in the forecastle, and 2 light ballista mounted in the aft-castle. Dümplom’s bow and figurehead have been reinforced to serve as a ram.

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Ship Statistics:

Name: Dümplom Type: Modified Barque Size: Colossal
Sailing Master: Zarina Hendricks Sailing Modifier: +21 Ship’s Modifier: +3
Minimum Crew: 20 riggers, 100 gunners Passenger Space: 35 Cargo Capacity: 90 tons
Propulsion: Wind/Current Means: 3 Masts Control: Wheel
Max Speed: 80-ft. (8 knots) Acceleration: 30 ft. Check: Profession (sailor)
Propulsion: Wings Means: Control: Wheel
Fly Speed: 120-ft. (12 knots) Acceleration: 30 ft. Check: Fly
AC: 26 Touch AC: 2 CMD: 43
HIt Points: 1,700 hp Sail HP: 360 hp Hardness: 7
Saves: +18 Initiative: Caddis’ roll
Ramming Damage 10d8 CMB: +32
Boarding Combat Modifier +38
Infamy: 26 (Despicable) Disrepute: 26
Plunder: 41 Cargo: 70 tons Unicorn Dust: 29 uses
Crew: 130 Food Stores: 13,600 man-days Munitions: 425 cannon rounds
Prisoners: 0 Plum Wine: all out

Note: Combat statistics include the Sailing check modifier of the current helmsman. If anyone other than Leo or Zarina (who both have +19) are piloting the ship, these will decrease accordingly. Likewise, if less then 20 crew are manning the ship during an engagement, then AC, CMD, CMB, and Saves will all drop considerably.

Ship’s Weapons:

Weapon Attack Damage Crit Range Crew Aim Load
Port Broadside +12 297 20/x4 250 ft. 45 1 full-round action 3 full-round actions
Starboard Broadside +12 297 20/x4 250 ft. 45 1 full-round action 3 full-round actions
Cannon (single) +3 6d8 20/x4 250 ft. 4 1 full-round action 3 full-round actions
Chasers (fore) +3 / +3 4d8 20/x4 200 ft. 8 1 full-round action 3 full-round actions
Light Ballista (aft) +3 / +3 3d8 19-20/x2 120 ft. 2 2 full-round actions
Muskets special special 40 ft. 100 1 standard action 1 full-round action

Weapon Notes:

  • Broadsides assume that Riaris is directing the crews in her role as master gunner. Individual cannon and ballista attacks use the subordinate crewmembers attack bonuses. If Riaris is off-ship or incapacitated, use these modifiers for broadside attacks as well. The number of actions to Aim/Load are required by all crew members operating the siege weapon.
  • The Doomplum has a supply of 100 muskets kept in the weapons locker. In lieu of a broadside, the crew can fire off a fusillade of musket fire, effectively reducing the total combat power of the opposing ship by 1d12 due to injuries, before closing to board.

Functional Modifications:

  • Extended Keel: The ship’s keel is longer than usual for a vessel of its type. The ship’s measurements from bow to stern are 10% longer than normal, though cargo capacity is not appreciably affected. The ship is more stable, and grants a +1 bonus on all sailing checks.
  • Broad Rudder: A wide rudder makes a ship more nimble, granting a +1 bonus on all sailing checks.
  • Rapid-Deploy Sails: The ship’s rigging undergoes a wholesale change as improvements in engineering enable the sails to be raised and lowered much faster than normal. Any sail adjustments can be made in half the normal time, granting a +1 bonus on all sailing checks.
  • Red Bull Wings: Allow the ship to Fly at one-and-a-half times its normal sailing speed for up to 1 hour per day. When flying the helmsman must make a Fly proficiency check rather than Profession (sailor) to navigate the boat in the unfamiliar three-dimensional environment.
  • Unicorn Dust: The ground horn of a single unicorn can prolong the Dümplom’s flight capability by 1 hour (beyond the 1 hour per day provided by the Red Bull Wings).

Capacity Modifications;

  • Additional Crew Quarters: This translates into more space for a ship’s sailors to sleep and eat. The ship may support 10% more passengers, but its cargo capacity is decreased by 10% (adjustments included above).
  • Increased Cargo Capacity: An efficient remodeling of the ship’s layout means more room for the ship’s stores. The ship’s cargo capacity is increased by 10% (included above).
  • Smuggling Compartments (x10): The ship’s bulkheads are modified so that gaps between them can serve as hidden cargo storage areas. This does not change a ship’s cargo capacity. A smuggling compartment can hold anything that fits within a 5-foot cubic space. In general, two smuggling compartments are required to hold 1 point of plunder. A DC 20 Perception check is required to locate smuggling compartments in a search of the ship.

Combat Modifications:

  • Bone Reinforced Hull: For protection during naval combat, this ship has received additional bone supports nailed to
    its hull. The hull’s hit points are increased by 5% and its hardness is increased by 2. However, this reduces cargo capacity by 10% as extra room must be made inside for beams to support the reinforcements. Because of the increased drag caused by the exterior ribbing, the ship’s waterborne speed is also reduced by 10%.
  • Boarding Nets: When deployed, anyone climbing over the rail must make a DC 15 Reflex save or become Entangled. Entangled creatures take 1d6 points of slashing damage each round they are entangled. An entangled creature can break free with a DC 20 Escape Artist check or Strength check.
  • Concealed Weapon Ports (5 to a side): The ship’s belowdecks area undergoes major reconstruction in order to house Large direct-fire siege engines, such as light ballistae or cannons. A concealed weapon port can only be recognized on a successful DC 15 Perception check. Each concealed port reduces a ship’s cargo capacity by 5 tons, in addition to the space required by the weapon itself (included above).
  • Ram: The ship bears a standard ram, usually sheathed in bronze or iron, mounted on its bow. A ship equipped with a ram deals an additional 2d8 points of damage with a ramming maneuver, and ignores the damage for the first square it enters of a solid object, and all damage from ramming creatures or other objects (such as other ships).

Other Assets:

  • Ship’s Boats (x2): 24-ft. long, single-masted launches, with 4 rows of oarlocks. Minimum crew 4. Can hold up to 26 medium-sized creatures (including crew) or up to 2 tons of cargo.
  • Rowboats (x4): 10-ft. long rowboats, with 2 rows of oarlocks. Minimum crew 2. Can hold a maximum of 7 medium-sized creatures (including rowers) or up to 1/2 ton of cargo.
  • Reserve Weapons: 45 additional 18-pound cannons, 1 Light Catapult, and 11 Ballista in storage.

The Crew

Chain of Command
Position Name Sailing Bonus Combat Rating Level Experience
Player Characters
Captain Caddis Duncaster 11th 110,116
First Mate Adriana Harlowe 10th 86,074
Bosun Thaduk 11th 105,741
Sailing Master Leopold Barton 10th 97,306
Quartermaster Addidale Crone 10th 89,764
Cabbin Crew
Captain’s Wench Fiona 5 8th
Cabin Girl Jessica Duncaster +3 5 6th +2
Cabin Girl Deborah Duncaster +7 1 2nd
Ship’s Mother Bethany Duncaster 3 5th
Ship’s Whore Chandra Goodwin 6 7th +1
Sailing Officers
Helmsman Zarina Hendricks +21 13 14th +1
Master’s Mate Caulky Tarroon +9 4 5th +4
Sr. Rigger Tilly Bracket +14 5 8th +1
Gunnery Officers
Master Gunner Riaris Krine +5 8 9th +4
Gunners Mate Henrye Allingham +7 8 9th +6
Maintenance Officers
Ship’s Carpenter Wunorse Openslae +10 5 6th +1
Carpenter’s Mate Oppenheimer +8 5 6th +1
Quartermaster’s Mate Ekene 4 5th +3
Ship’s Cook Abidemi 4 5th +3
Ship’s Chaplain Yamila +9 4 5th +3
Rank and File
Sr. Swab Thaduk the Sot +1 6 7th +0
Swab Reyes +6 3 4th +4
Swab Montressor +6 5 6th +1
Swab Margaret +3 2 3rd +1
Riggers and Gunners Moonplummers (x63) +5 32 2nd +0
Swabs Moonplum Followers (x43) +1 14 1st

Personnel Profiles:

Zarina.jpgZarina Hendricks
Zarina is a curious and feisty fairy, an experienced sailor, and a master of pixie-dust alchemy. When her experiments went too far, she was cast out of the fae realms and exiled to the realms of men. After arriving in the human world, she quickly fell in with the pirates of the Republic, particularly Captain Merril Pegsworthy and served aboard several ships. The freedom to travel, explore, and experiment offered by the human pirates appeals to her greatly.

Ever curious and inventive, she has recently been working on an improved version of the magical dust that allows her kind to fly and trying to find a way to produce it at sufficient scale to levitate an entire ship, aided by her industrious side-kick Oppenheimer. While close to a breakthrough, her research has not been cheap, thus she readily accepted a highly-paid commission aboard the Red Sadness—currently earning five times as much as any other crew member. She only needs one more key component to make her plans work…one that can only be found back home in the fae realm. She is very impressed by both Caddis’ impetuosity as a captain and Leo’s sailing skill in taking the “shortcut” through the storm to get to Faerie (a feat she was never able to convince Pegsworthy to try)…
Job: Helmsmen
Attitude: Helpful
Pay: 5 Shares of Plunder

Abere wants grand-babies, that much is known. To this end she has dispatched Fiona, one of the Baccae who serve the unseelie court, to be her son’s constant companion (whether to be the mother of his children or to find someone else to fill that role is yet to be seen) and body-guard. Like all Baccae, Fiona is a lush, easily swinging from beautiful and ladylike to savage and bestial at the drop of a cup of wine (and she has an apparently bottomless jug of the stuff). Able to smell a fellow drunk a mile away, she has taken a quick liking to Thaduk as well.
Job: ???
Attitude: Helpful (unquestionably loyal to Captain Caddis)

Tilly_Bracket.jpgTilly Brackett:
A tough joker who likes her rum. She is a salt-blasted veteran sailor and years of drinking have left her well-preserved rather than girlish, and closer to burly than willowy. For all that, she has a rough charm and, if you can take her sense of humor, is otherwise upbeat and uncomplicated compared to many aboard the Sadness.

She is an incorrigible cougar, who preys on all charismatic, young, new male recruits to the Sadness, both for sex and as a target for her pranks. Leopold is her most recent victim, and she has shared his bunk every night since he arrived aboard the Sadness. Of course, she has also made a laughing stock of him aboard the ship, leaving him in a variety of compromising positions each morning, and causing him to be paraded naked around the main deck more than once.

She is half-in-awe, half-enraged at how handily Adrianna won that first game of heave, and probably the only one who was sufficiently conscious at the end to remember it. Despite this, she is on very good terms with all of the PCs after they saved her when she was washed overboard during a storm. She is an eager and willing participant in the PCs new venture.

Tilly, it turns out, is a mean drunk. Having been dragged on a wide variety of adventures with the ship’s officers, she is growing slightly peeved at having not seen any legitimate reward for her services. This turned to outright violence after Leo threw her over in favor of the younger, prettier Jessica. She is currently shacking up with Rummy, but Leo better watch his back lest her “pranks” turn dangerous.

During her numerous assignations with both Leo and Rummy Tilly apparently became pregnant. Recent injuries have made the point moot though, as she her womb was torn open by a horrible bird monster in faerie, killing the fetus and nearly costing Tilly her life. While she survived thanks to the ministrations of the crew’s healers, it is yet to be seen whether she will return to her old tricks. At least there is no risk of her getting pregnant again.
Job: Senior Rigger in charge of Operations and Efficiency
Attitude: Unfriendly

Thaduk_the_Sot.jpgThaduk the Sot:
The elder of Thaduk’s two uncles, Thaduk the Sot was the town drunk back in Moonplum, and continues that role aboard the Red Sadness. While he trusts his nephew, he is usually too deep into a bottle to be particularly helpful, and gets the shakes bad when he is not. He is deeply saddened by the death of his brother, which has only driven him deeper into a rum barrel…

While he is almost always in a drunken stupor, the crew has learned that it actually doesn’t take much to drive Thaduk the Sot to that state. He is so perpetually sloshed that it usually only takes one or two drinks to put him under the table — one drink turns him into a hulking fighting machine, but the second will knock him out cold.
Job: Swab
Attitude: Helpful (when he’s sober)

Jessica.jpgJessica Duncaster
Caddis’ deaf, mute, and beautiful sister. She was taken during the raid on Moonplum and has been put to work as a cabin girl alongside Caulky Tarroon. While unable to hear or speak normally, she can communicate with those able to message her.

While originally concerned about her brother’s friendliness with the pirates and apparent failure to rescue her from her situation, she sees now that it was all clearly part of his plan to steal the ship. She is surprisingly sympathetic to the pirates aboard the Red Sadness, even the former captain, having realized that (aside from the initial kidnapping) none of them ever really misused her.

After being abducted by a Puritan as a form of petty revenge, Jessica is getting tired of playing the damsel in distress and was quick to take Leo as a lover (particularly given his heroics during her rescue). Despite the communication barriers involved, she has been getting Caulky to teach her the basics of fighting, hoping to prove that she can pull her weight as a member of her brother’s crew.

While in Faerie, she lost her eyes when the crew’s camp was attacked by some horrible bird monsters, leaving her deaf, dumb, and blind (and pinball hasn’t even been invented yet). Her brother’s swift and miraculous healing of this added infirmity has now made her firmly committed to this new enterprise. She even raided Tilly and Sandara’s wardrobe for something a better suited to climbing and fighting (and much more revealing). Yo-ho, the life of a pirate for her!
Job: Cabin Girl
Attitude: Helpful

Deborah-Duncaster.jpgDeborah Duncaster
The youngest of the three Duncaster children, Deborah always wanted to go to sea and become a fisherman like her father (much to her mother’s disapproval). A year ago, both of her older siblings were abducted by Captain Herrera, and her father went off with Henrye, Leo, and Rummy to bring them back. When none of the three returned, Deborah and her mother were left destitute, forced to manage the family’s fishing business themselves. With her mother no longer able to argue, Deborah happily took to the sea, becoming quite the accomplished sailor, but never giving up hope that her father, brother, and sister would someday return.

When her siblings did return, with her brother Caddis as Captain of his own ship, Deborah was overjoyed and begged to be allowed to join his crew. Caddis might have refused, but Jessica, who was equally happy to see her little sister, has always been more of a pushover…

Like both her sister and her foster-brother, Deborah has a gift for magical manipulation.
Role: Cabbin Girl
Attitude: Follower

Bathany-1.JPGBethany Duncaster
Bethany Duncaster and her husband Joshua lived in Moonplum with their two daughters, Jessica (18) and Deborah (13), and their adopted son Caddis (19). Joshua was often absent, out fishing on the sea or occasionally hunting on the island. Bethany spent most of her time salting fish, sewing nets, and tending to their younger daughter, who despite her mother’s disapproval, wished to go to sea and become a fisherman like her father. The family pet is a lazy old hound named Brutus.

A year ago, her husband her both of her older children were abducted by Captain Herrera. When none of the three returned, Bethany and her younger daughter Deborah were left destitute, forced to manage the family’s fishing business themselves.
Role: Ship’s Mother
Attitude: Follower

Riaris Krine:
Master gunner. Riaris is a seasoned sailor, veteran of many battles, and a true master of her craft. She is in charge not only of the ship’s cannons and other siege weaponry, but also of the armory. She is meticulous about her job, keeping all the weapons under lock and key at all times, but quick to hand out artillery when its needed. Despite being briefly charmed by Caddis on multiple occasions, she is smart enough to know what he did. Though, manipulative twerp or not, she can’t help but find him attractive…

Riaris never particularly liked Captain Herrera or the other officers, but feels that the PCs stealing of the ship was “ill-conceived and half-assed work”. Now that the battle is over she feels that, as the ranking officer aboard the ship, she has the most legitimate claim to be the new captain, but has learned that she can’t possibly take on Caddis and has decided that her life would be much better as a gunner under him than as a captain in her own right. Her current plan is to shut up, take her orders, and see where life under the new officers leads. If all else fails, she can always kill them one at a time in their sleep…

After a year at sea under the new captain, she has grown to respect Caddis and the others’ boldness. Their second defeat of Captain Herrera, and claiming the heavily armed Red Vengeance has left her practically glowing with joy. Sooooooo many cannons!
Job: Master Gunner
Attitude: Helpful

175px-Henry_Allingham_in_1916.jpgHenrye Allingham
Henrye Allingham is intelligent, confident, and empathetic. He is well liked by everyone in the village of Moonplum, and was seen as the logical choice to take over as the head of the village militia after the death of Thadok Senior.

Henrye was born in England, and came over to Nova Britannia as a colonist 12 years ago at the age of 19. His parents own a small inn in Kent, and Henrye grew up meeting many travelers and hearing their tales, and was eager to sign up when he learned of a ship heading to the exotic lands of the South Pacific.

After arriving in Moonplum, Henrye, like all able-bodied men, was enlisted in the village militia under the watchful eye of the grizzled mercenary, Thadok. Through diligent study of Thadok’s old training manuals, Henrye quickly rose to become Thaduk’s right-hand man, and was given the important position of signaler, learning the bugle calls to direct the militia in their maneuvers. Henrye is good friends with Monkey and Thaduk’s son (also called Thaduk), despite the difference in their ages.

Three years ago Henrye met his wife, Margaret (22), who came over with the most recent wave of settlers. The two were soon wed, though not without a bitter fight with Caddis, who also wanted Margaret’s hand. The Allinghams do not yet have any children (though not for want of trying). When not drilling the militia, Henrye can often be found out fishing in the bay in his small boat.

After the attack on Moonplum, Henrye impetuously rounded up six able-bodied men of the village and set out in Joshua Duncaster’s fishing trawler to catch the pirates that had raided their village and kidnapped several Moonplum villagers. The ill-advised voyage ended only a few days later in the destruction of the boat at the hands of the pirates, their capture, and the eventual death of Joshua Duncaster.

After being press-ganged onto the Red Sadness, Henrye learned that it was two of Moonplum’s own (Caddis and Thaduk) that were manning the cannon that destroyed Joshua’s boat. He later witnessed these two being chummy with the crew, serving up meals, handing out gifts, and even Thaduk ordering other pirates around and being promoted to Bosun’s Mate. While he previously suspected Caddis and Thaduk of collaborating with the pirates and betraying their village, he now understands that they were simply biding their time.

After a week ashore, drinking and fraternizing with the Sadness’ crew and the pirates at Rickety’s Squibs, he is becoming a slightly more willing participant in the younger Moonplummers new venture. He has been heartily devoted to his role managing guard-duty for the ship’s stores—finally something he knows how to do. Given a little more time and a little more responsibility, he might turn “a proper pirate” after all. He has been concentrating on his combat training in order to better meet the rigors of his new profession.

Despite his change in attitude, he desires nothing more than to return to Moonplum to be with his wife (though doing so with a nice nest-egg of plunder wouldn’t hurt), and can often be caught daydreaming on watch, thinking about home. Most recently he has been offloaded from the Doomplum, promoted to first mate aboard The Thunderer with assurances from Captain Caddis that he “needed someone he could trust on the other ship”.

Following the destruction of Rickety’s Squibs and the Orchard at the hands of the Red Vengeance, Henrye was one of only three survivors. He spent the next weeks hiding in the watchtower at Rickety’s with Chandra Goodwin and Deathshead Ellie, scraping by as best they could and fending off the occasional opportunistic ogre wandering down from the mountains. During those few weeks of fear and isolation, he found himself succumbing to Chandra and Ellie’s charms. He is deeply ashamed that he has been unfaithful to his wife, though somewhat less so after learning that she had remarried and was pregnant, and had joined the crew.
Job: Gunner’s Mate
Attitude: Indifferent

Margaret-Allingham_2.jpgMargaret Bradshaw Allingham-Campion
Margaret Allingham was born in Ealing, London to a family immersed in literature. Her father, Herbert, and her mother, Emily Jane (née Hughes), were both writers. Margaret came to Moonplum colony four years ago as part of the third wave of settlers, and was quickly beset by numerous suitors including Caddis Duncaster and Henrye Allingham. She married the latter within the year, and the two lived happily together until the attack on Moonplum, despite their inability to conceive a child.

Margaret was devastated when Henrye left to pursue Captain Herrera and the Moonplummers he’d kidnapped. When nearly nine months had passed with no word, Henrye and the other missing Moonplummers were declared dead by Governor William. Shortly thereafter, the grieving and impoverished Margaret was remarried, to Major Albert Campion, the commander of the new Imperial garrison stationed at Moonplum.

Margaret quickly became pregnant with their first child. Unfortunately, not three months later, Henrye and the other missing Moonplummers returned. During the celebration of their safe return, Henrye and her new husband came to blows. While the fight was broken up, it did raise a significant problem for Margaret, namely that, with Henrye alive, she was guilty of bigamy.

Then, of course, her (new) husband became a thrall of the devilish Doña Teresa, leaving her little choice but to join a pirate crew led by a former suitor or be separated from both of the men she married. She works tirelessly in secret searching for a way to free Albert from the thrall of Teresa and her demonic allies.
Role: Swab
Attitude: Overwhelmed, Confused, and Pregnant

ships-mate-200423-475-633.jpg“Caulky” Tarroon:
This thirteen-year-old girl acted as Captain Herrera’s cabin girl, and there were rumors that she was the captains daughter. She was in the captain’s cabin when the PCs stole the Red Sadness. Having spent her entire life aboard ships, she is an amazingly competent sailor for her age, and possessed of a remarkable curiosity, fearlessness, and lucky streak.

She has struck up a surprisingly close friendship with Jessica Duncaster since the older girl was brought aboard, despite the difficulties of communicating with a deaf mute. After both girls were abducted by the puritan and his giants, and subsequently rescued, she has decided that the new officers are “a pretty decent bunch” (especially the new captain, who’s pretty cute).
Job: Master’s Mate
Attitude: Helpful

wunorse.jpgWunorse Openslae
One of the few old native Nordic Elves, Wunorse is in his middle years, around 140 years old. He’s no taller than a four year old, skinny and as wrinkled as an old apple, with an almost impossibly long white beard. Under his rugged appearance and cranky manners, he has a good heart and is totally devoted to his captain and crew. He wears dozens of tiny jingle bells sewn onto his clothes, so the enchanting sound of magic Christmas bells follows him everywhere.

Formerly in charge of the reindeer aboard The Reindeer, Wunorse is also a true inventor and craftsman, and he always carries with him a pencil and notepad for doodling, sketching and dreaming up new inventions. He surrendered during the battle against the Red Sadness, though not before being beaten within an inch of his life, and happily accepted a job aboard the ship rather than accept death or the ignominy of being ransomed.
Job: Master Carpenter, Anti-boarding weapons developer
Attitude: Friendly

These orcs were taken from their homeland as slave at a young age. They’ve had their larynxes cauterized by hot pokers shoved down their wind-pipes, rendering them completely mute, and have been trained for years in a variety of household tasks from waiting tables to managing finances to alchemical crafts, making them among the most desired and valuable slaves in the empire, easily fetching prices of up to 100 guineas. They are not trained sailors, and are generally much weaker than “wild” orcs like the Thaduk’s, but are quick learners. They’ve known no life other than service and can be counted upon to do what they’re told.
Job: Quartermaster’s Mates
Attitude: Indifferent

Abidemi was the youngest of 5 orcs taken from their homeland as slaves at a young age. He had his larynxes cauterized by hot pokers shoved down his wind-pipe, rendering him completely mute, and has been trained for years in a variety of household tasks from waiting tables to managing finances. He is not a trained sailor, and is much weaker than “wild” orcs like the Thaduks, but is a quick learner.

After the death of Fishguts, the Sadness’s head cook, Abidemi was appointed as the new ship’s cook. He is skilled in the kitchen, though not quite as talented as Fishguts was, but has a knack for alchemy and has started experimenting with making magical stews and brews.
Job: Ship’s Cook
Attitude: Indifferent

A short and skinny pirate with an eye patch, Julius Felix Openheimer (“Jim” to his friends or “Oppenheimer” to his shipmates) formerly served as cook aboard Merril Pegsworthy’s “Drale” (though he was notoriously bad at it). He joined the crew of the Red Sadness after the pixie Zarina defected. The son of a watchmaker from the New Amsterdam colony, Jim has an interest in all manner of arts, sciences, and history, and was working closely with Zarina in researching ways that they might make the Captain Pegsworthy’s ships flight-capable.

Quite flighty, Oppenheimer dabbles in a wide range of pursuits, not really mastering any of them. His historical interests lean heavily towards ancient cultures, particularly Ancient Egypt, and he would desperately love to obtain an actual mummy to experiment on. He is generally ambivalent about the Red Sadness’ leadership, and any order from Zarina can easily countermand those from anyone else…
Job: Carpenter’s Mate
Attitude: Indifferent

Mason.jpgAlbañil Montressor
Albañil is a fairly famous architect and builder from Madrid, and extremely cutthroat about his business. Two years ago, many of his rivals in the trade went missing, and there were even rumors that he had bricked them up in the foundations of the buildings he was creating. Of course, such rumors were never substantiated, however, when it was discovered that he used forged permits in the construction of a theater, he was exiled to the penal colony of Puerto Soledad.

While glad to be free of the prison colony, Albañil is no sailor—and prone to seasickness. Albañil is a genius at design, engineering, and construction of all kinds, and is highly dismayed at the slap-dash, squibbed and patched together nature of the ship he is on. Not even the fact that it can fly will assuage his deep distaste at the bone and hide covered, brightly coloured aesthetic of the Dümplom.
Role: Swab
Attitude: Indifferent

doctor-reyes.jpgReyes Efraín Núñez
Formerly a practicing surgeon in Barcelona, Reyes was sentenced to life imprisonment on the penal colony of Puerto Soledad in the Falklands after an important official in the Happsburg government died while in his care. While not pleased with his situation, he happily continued to practice his craft on the prison-island, treating prisoners and guards alike. Reyes does not think of himself as a criminal of any kind, but happily accepted the offer to serve aboard the Dümplom, if only to get off of the island. His hope is to one day start a new practice in one of the larger, more civilian colonies in the Americas.
Role: Swab
Attitude: Friendly

Panacea-Priestess.jpgYamila Azucena Panacea
Yamila is the prophetess of Resgatelento, the god of gradual redemption and rehabilitation, and a devout agent of the Catholic church. Yamila was dispatched to serve as the chaplain of the penal colony at Puerto Soledad with the goal of ‘saving the souls’ of the ‘degenerate criminals’ (mostly debtors, petty thieves, or white-collar criminals) living in the colony. She was newly arrived aboard the Spanish frigate Esmerelda and had only been at her post for three days when the Dümplom attacked. The ship she arrived on was destroyed, her chapel sacked and looted, and all of her would-be-converts freed and pressed into service aboard the pirate ship. She willingly enlisted to serve on the Dümplom, seeing the sudden arrival of ‘real hardened criminals’ as a sign of her true calling and a deliberate test of her faith in her lord Resgatelento. She is determined to return the officers of the Dümplom to the path of good, no matter how long it takes, or what horrors she must face to do so.

During the Dümplom’s attack on Puerto Soledad, she was stricken by a strange sense of joyous euphoria after being zapped by the demonic unicorn, Thaduk. She has never felt anything quite like that brief moment of transcendental rapture and has become quite addicted to it. Despite her moral convictions, she is likely to do just about anything to experience that bliss again.
Role: Ship’s Chaplain
Attitude: Helpful

Chandra.jpgChandra Goodwin
Chandra Goodwin is the wife of Rickety’s Squibs lookout Lyle Goodwin, and the head of the local Catholic Church, being a devotee of “Chris”, the god of renaming things. She maintains a shrine to the unnamed gods in her small hut, and her door is almost always open. Given that her older husband spends almost all of his time up in his watchtower drunk, most visiting sailors learn quickly that they can get more than just religion from Chandra’s hut if they drop by after hours.

Little was heard from Chandra after she performed the christening of The Doomplum, until Rickety’s Squibs was destroyed by the Red Vengeance. After the battle, she spent several weeks hiding in her dead husband’s watchtower with Henrye and Ellie, eking out a living and fending off raiding ogres. She didn’t even charge Henrye for his services when he lay sobbing in the night at the thought of never seeing his wife again. Of course, her supply of night-tea was destroyed in the attack…
Role: Ship’s Whore
Attitude: Helpful

servants-colonists-america.jpgMoonplummers and Moonplum Followers
More than a hundred of the citizens of Moonplum Colony answered Captain Caddis’ call for volunteers. While most were drawn by the promise of adventure and profit, nearly half signed up purely because of the captain’s winning personality. While hardy Englishmen all, these former colonists are new to sailing and have little-to-no experience in combat.
Role: Rank and File Swabs and Riggers
Attitude: Helpful
Names: Tyler Allen, Aaron Austin, Jewel Austin, Bentley Avila, Seth Beasley, Erin Bradford, Billy Bradley, Carmen Burke, Elsie Carter, Dana Cash, Carlee Chandler, Lewis Chapman, Melissa Colon, Rene Compton, Jess Compton, Jesse Dawson, Justus Day, Neymar Dotson, Skye Doyle, Urijah Eaton, Aubrey Elliott, Rosie Evans, Summer Evans, Kade Fisher, Dane Fisher, Sebastian Fraser, Ethan Frazier, Jared Fry, Evan Gallagher, Frederick Gray, Liam Griffiths, Harper Guzman, Lewis Harrison, Kassandra Harrison, Sammy Harrison, Leo Harvey, Leslie Hayes, River Henderson, Owen Holland, Dylan Holland, Jocelynn Holmes, Kyson Horne, Paxton Howe, Jordan Hughes, Keira Hunt, Lynn Hurst, Kayla Jackson, Hannah James, Ivy Jarvis, Zac Jenkins, Alex Jenkins, Declan Jones, Arthur Jones, Caitlin King, Nehemiah Klein, Omari Koch, Morgan Lane, Genesis Little, Alessandra Lowe, Jimena Marsh, Harper Martin, Cory Mason, Robin Matthews, Brylee Mccarthy, Steff Mccarthy, Mary Mcclure, Myla Mcdonald, Jaylon Mcintyre, Bryce Mercer, Toby Miller, Vance Miranda, Danni Montgomery, Maddox Moreno, Aimee Morgan, Benjamin Owen, Anthony Patel, Rory Pearce, Martha Pearson, Andrew Phillips, Roland Preston, Abigail Ross, Kylen Rowe, Yandel Ryan, William Sharp, Bev Shaw, Layne Sloan, Harrison Smith, Kyle Spencer, Katherine Stevens, Kai Stewart, Kole Sutton, Aubrey Thomas, Gail Tillman, Valentin Torres, Blake Vaughn, Rose Ward, Miracle Warner, Ryan Watson, Brenden Welch, Dane Wilkinson, Mollie Williamson, Gabriel Wilson, Tommy Wood, Nasir Woodard, Maliah Wynn, Eliot Zimmerman

Crew Advancement:

Crew members advance in experience, skill, and combat strength as they engage in more battles and challenges. While every pirate has his own unique skills and initial training, they will slowly adjust to fill the roles they are given, improving the relevant skills and abilities to better do their jobs. A pirate without an assigned job (or relegated to a Swab) will advance as he sees fit.

Rather than tracking experience points for every person on the ship, NPC crew members advance based on the number of engagements they take part in. These may include both combat (whether shore raids, boarding actions, or ship-to-ship firefights) or noncombat challenges (such as sailing through a particularly nasty storm). Only encounters in which the particular NPC participates actively count towards them gaining levels—so NPCs that are taken on “away missions” are likely to advance much faster than those left behind. A crew member must complete a number of engagements equal to one more than their current level in order to advance to the next level.

Note: For “away missions” each PC may select one NPC crew member to accompany them. The selected crew member must be one within their chain of command (see above). All crew members are assumed to be within the chain of command of the Captain and First Mate. The player will control all actions of their assistant in combat (the DM won’t help here). All other crew members are necessary to guard and maintain the ship.

The Doomplum

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