Creatures of Faerie

The Red Bull

Red_Bull.JPGThis enormous, flaming-red bovine is 15 feet tall, measures nearly 30 feet from horns to tail, and weighs approximately 16 tons.

The Red Bull is a powerful demonic beast that attacks single-mindedly. Created by the lords of the Unseelie Court to protect the herds of unicorns which roam the plains of Faerie, he persues whatever target his master sets him against relentlessly. Anything or anyone that gets in its way is destroyed with hardly any awareness from the Bull. Even the immortal creatures of faerie, like unicorns, become filled with blind terror at the sight of it.

Kanuku Wani

Fae-Skunk.JPGThis beast from the Fae Realm resembles a three-hundred pound skunk. The Kanuku Wani has a body as thin and sinuous as a snake, and its head is crowned with an impressive rack of antlers. It can fire its needle-like claws at opponents at a range comparable to a longbow’s. Unlike a mundane skunk, the Kanuku Wani are an aggressive lot, feeding on creatures beyond just grubs and insects, often hunting small mammals and reptiles by night in addition to giant versions of insects. While Kanuku Wani are dangerous to nearby settlements, farmers find a positive aspect in their presence, valuing the creatures’ taste for giant insects and other more dangerous vermin.

Wihara Nakahi

Snake-Weasel.JPGWihara Nakahi look like wolf-sized weasels, about 6 feet long and weighing up to 180 pounds, with four large-fanged vipers growing out of their shoulders and back, menacing those around them. While the snakes are illusory, and cannot do any harm, the Wihara Nakahi is still dangerous, having hardened, razor-sharp claws capable of burrowing through solid stone. Wihara Nakahi are active and tenacious predators, and have a reputation for being as clever as they are quick. Both highly aggressive and extremely territorial, they frequently attack creatures that are much larger than they are.

Pipi Kohuatia

steam-clam.JPGThese massive clams weigh upwards of six-hundred pounds and stand roughly four-feet tall, supported by two bird-like legs. Two emaciated humanoid arms extend from either side of the valve, ending in sharp claws. The clam’s body emits wafts of steam and the occasional jet of boiling water. It can crawl along walls and ceilings as easily as upon the ground.

Pipi Kohuatias are generally found in coastal waters no deeper than 60 feet from the surface of the water. Pipi Kohuatia feed on what they can filter from the water, usually small plants and animals, and sometimes the occasional swimmer.

Wha-waewae Manu

thorn-bird.JPGThe Wha-waewae Manu is a predator and scavenger of the fae realms that looks like a five-foot tall, four-legged, roadrunner covered with sharp thorny scales in place of plumage. The bird-like beast has an impossibly long, sticky tongues, like that of a frog, and piercing red eyes that hypnotize and fascinate their prey.

Wha-waewae Manu live and hunt in the twisted and unnatural plains of the Unseelie side of the Faerie realms, where they make excellent use of their long, stilt-like legs in running down any lost souls who stumble into their feeding grounds. Once it has closed with its target, a wha-waewae manu attacks with its two front legs, rending and slashing. Far smarter than their animalistic form might suggest, wha-waewae manu prefer to hunt in shrieking packs and use their prey’s confusion and their grasping tongues to their advantage, circling their quarry and darting in to attack as soon as the victim becomes distracted, then holding their prey within range of their beguiling gaze to prevent them from retaliating. They have been known to wander through battlefields in the fae realms, picking over dying and regenerating creatures and souls, which has earned them the nickname “Faerie Vultures.” Wha-waewae Manu are fond of disemboweling their targets and feasting on the hot entrails while their mortally wounded prey screams itself to death.

Taniwha Ataahua

Jay-Snake.JPGThis beautiful monster has a twelve-foot long serpentine body covered with blue feathers, with the head and wings of a blue jay. Respected and admired for their beauty and insight, if not their intelligence, taniwha ataahua try to steer mortals onto the right paths and warn them away from the darker corners of the Fae Realm. Unfortunately, they are not nearly as talented at conveying their intentions as they are at reading others.

As good as their intentions may be, Taniwha Ataahua are still predators, like so many of the creatures in faerie. They prefer small mammals, but will occasionally eat smaller fey creatures, especially unseelie varieties like red caps and mites, clamping on to their prey with their powerful beaks and holding on tight until they cease thrashing. As they would rather spend their time promoting their agenda than hunting, they appreciate offers of food, particularly small boars, rabbits, and other game.

A Taniwha Ataahua sometimes shows its favor to a mortal passing through its territory by gifting it with 1d4 of its brightly colored feathers. Such a freely given feather, if used as an additional material component, allows a spellcaster to cast planar ally to conjure that specific taniwha ataahua without expending the typical payment of gold or other valuables. By this means, Taniwha Ataahua are sometimes encountered outside of Faerie.

Paihana Manu

Poison-Roadrunner.JPGBelieved to be a distant relative of the wha-waewae manu, the Paihana Manu looks like a six-foot tall roadrunner with large, blowing orange eyes which make it very easy to spot in darkness. This monstrosity can run across walls and ceilings as swiftly as it can move upon the ground. Paihana Manu live in small flocks, and their laughter-like calls can be heard for great distances through the woods they call home.

The very presence of a Paihana Manu fouls the air around them, surrounding them with foul miasmas that sicken and choke both potential predators and prey alike. Thus Paihana Manu are notoriously lazy hunters, stunning prey with their poisonous spittle, then waiting patiently for them to succumb to the poisonous gases.


Creatures of Faerie

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