Tag: Thrall


  • Major Albert Campion

    Major Albert Campion is a handsome, dark-haired young man who was assigned as commander of the Imperial garrison in Moonplum, established by request of [[:father-william | Governor William]] after the colony was attacked by the [[:captain-herrera | Dread …

  • Redcoat Thrall

    These Imperial soldiers were stationed at Moonplum colony, until they and their commander came under the telepathic sway of [[:dona-teresa | the Doña Teresa]]. *Role:* Gunners *Attitude:* Mindless Thralls

  • Doctor Lukas van Kaus

    The elderly Doctor Lukas van Kaus, the father of Dietyr, is neither fully sane nor is he a real doctor. He brews simple salves and poultices, and served as a dentist, barber and blood letter to the folks of Moonplum. He has done considerable research into …