Captain Herrera's Coat of Jaunting


This old and well-used coat is made of heavy, red wool, decorated with golden stitching and golden frog-clasps. It once belonged to the infamous pirate captain Barnabas Herrera, scourge of the South Pacific. The coat is magically disguised such that any attempt to identify it will cause it to appear cursed. Anyone donning the coat immediately becomes aware of its true properties.

The Coat of Jaunting has several powers, each usable once per day.

  • Jaunter’s Liberation: As a swift action, the coat’s wearer instantly vanishes and appears in the next nearest unoccupied square. This can be used to escape any form of grapple (including being swallowed whole) or confinement (such as manacles or stocks). In addition, the wearer always appears standing upright, negating the prone condition.
  • Jaunter’s Wake: As a move action, the coat teleports the wearer up to 800 feet distant, as per the Dimension Door spell, leaving behind a burst of icy shards. All creatures within a 10-ft. radius of the coat’s original position take 6d6 points of cold damage (DC 17 Reflex save for half damage).
  • Jaunter’s Strike: As a standard action, the coat allows the wearer to make a single melee attack against any creature up to 200 feet distant. The wearer teleports into the closest space adjacent to the target, attacks, and then instantly returns to his original position.
  • Jaunter’s Juxtaposition: When attacked or the subject of a spell that deals damage to them, the wearer can use an Immediate action to cause himself and a single creature within 50 feet to teleport and switch places. The target then becomes the target of the triggering attack or spell instead of the wearer. The target is allowed a Will save (DC 17) to negate the effect.

Captain Herrera's Coat of Jaunting

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