Party XP

General Party Rewards: see Plunder and Infamy

Average Party Level 8th
Party Infamy 20 (“Despicable”)
Disrepute 10
Plunder 42

Specific Character Rewards:

Character Earned XP1 Level Hero Points
Caddis 42,555 8th 1
Thaduk 43,888 8th 0
Leopold 42,378 8th 1
Rummy 45,753 8th 3
Adriana 28,221 7th 3

Unclaimed Treasure:

All items claimed by a particular PC will be removed from this list, make sure they are on your sheets

Magic Items: — stored in Captain’s Cabin
Staff of Fire (1 charge remaining)
Shackles of Compliance
Candle of Truth
Scroll of Skeleton Crew
Needle and Thread
Tiny gold box with 5 watermelon seeds
5 Jellied Monkey candies wrapped in waxed paper
2 Scroll of Cure Moderate Wounds
Candy Hook
Festive Snowglobe
Captain Nik’s Bag of Holding (Type IV)
Ring of sustenance
2 Potions of Cat’s Grace
Pair of matching +1 short swords
Scroll of Secure Shelter
Cloak of resistance +2
Rhino Hide Armor
Ring of Protection +1
Cloak of Resistance +1
Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds
Potion of Water Breathing

Alchemical Items: — stored in Quartermaster’s Store
8 flasks Acid
38 flasks Alchemist’s Fire
1 Thunderstone
5 flasks Holy Water
1 vial Antitoxin
3 Tanglefoot bags
Corked dark green bottle (w/ 8 doses of oil of taggit)
Leather Snuff Box w/ Diamond Stud (w/ 1 dose Dark Reaver powder)
Perfume, Exotic (1 dose)

Masterwork composite longbow (Str +3)
12 20-gallon Barrels of Oil
2 Masterwork Dragon Pistols
30 Grape-shot Cartridges
5 Salt-shot Cartridges
Masterwork Chainmail
Large Masterwork Greatsword
Large Mighty Composite Longbow (Str +8)
17 Large-sized Arrows (equivalent to spears)

Tool-Kits: — stored in Quartermaster’s Store
Disguise Kit
Survival Kit
Masterwork Carpenter’s Tools
Surgeon’s Kit
5 Thieves’ Tools
Masterwork Thieves’ Tools
Scrimshaw Kit
Masterwork Fiddle
Deck of playing cards
Weathered but functional Spyglass

Books: — stored in Captain’s Cabin
Robert Burton’s The Anatomy of Melancholy (English, Latin, Greek)
Folio of Shakespearean Comedies: All’s Well That Ends Well, Comedy of Errors, Measure for Measure, Merry Wives of Windsor, Winter’s Tale (English)
Desiderius Erasmus’s “Moriae Encomium” (Latin)
Edmund Spenser’s “The Faerie Queen” (English)
Achilles Tatius’ “The Adventures of Leucippe and Clitophon”, translation by William Burton (English)
Henry Airay’s “Commentary on the Epistle to the Philippians” (English, Latin)
Paul Baynes’ “A Counterbane against Earthly Carefulnes” (English)
Anne Locke’s “A Meditation of a Penitent Sinner” (English)
Plautus’ “Menæchmi”, translation by William Warner (English)
Robert Jones’ “First Booke of Songes and Ayres”, dictated from Sir Robert Sidney (English)
Cyprian’s Verus Jesuitarium Libellus (Latin, £40 value as magical research aid)
Adam Petrie’s “Rules of Good Deportment” (English, with a 4-leaf clover pressed inside)

Other Valuables: — stored in Captain’s Cabin
155 Iron Coins (unknown value)
5 Agates (1£ each)
3 Gold Earrings (15s each)
A nicely carved prosthetic leg made of wood and edged with a silver band
A Decensory Furnace (25£)
A Hand-Centrifuge (25£)
A gold monacle frame without the lens
Preserved mammoth tusk (750£, 50 lbs.)
6 gold bars (150£ each)
Winter wolf pelt (200£, 30 lbs.)
3 High quality adamantine ingots (750£ each)
3 silver Shoe Buckles (5s each)
Gold Wedding Band (2£ 10s)
Silver Hatpin (5s)
8 Finely Tailored Imperial Officers Uniforms (1£ 10s each)
5 lbs of Pepper (10£ value)
Silver Tankard (1£ 10s)
Silver Locket with a portrait of a buxom blond woman (2£ 5s)

All manner of mundane items (clothing, mess kits, extra bedding, etc.)

1 Experience levels will advance using the Fast chart

Party XP

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