Dormin, the “Godking of the Colossi”, is a mysterious shadowed entity, living on the Forbidden Isle. Dormin is served faithfully by all Giants and worshiped as a god by some men. Dormin communicates with his faithful both through a large sunlit aperture in the ceiling of the Shrine of Worship (his temple and prison on the Forbidden Isle), and is also able to speak through any Giant. Those beings who have spoken with Dormin claim that his voice sounds as though many people are speaking at once.

Dormin holds knowledge of a great power and mastery of many forms of magic, and for this reason was sealed away by Emperor Prospero in the distant past. Most unique among his powers is the ability breath life into those who have died, Resurrecting them fully (though seldom without a steep price for those requesting such a thing). It is for this violation of the natural order that the Shrine of Worship is a forbidden place, and the reason making it so was seen as necessary for the people. All other faiths consider Dormin to be a being of absolute evil and corruption.

Some three-hundred years ago, the Emperor Prospero (himself one of The Drowned) led his fleet to the Forbidden Isle and slew Dormin. Dormin’s body was destroyed, his essence and power were scattered and bound to the remaining Giants, and his consciousness was trapped within the Shrine of Worship. While entrance to the isle and the shrine are forbidden by Imperial decree, it is said that Prospero himself regularly visits Dormin in the Shrine of Worship, and has learned many dark arts from his conversations with the mighty colossus.

Making a deal with Dormin is the only way to bring a slain character back from the dead (other than as one of The Drowned). It is rumored that the most powerful priests of Dormin’s faith may be able to channel this power without the need for Dormin’s immediate presence.


The one exception to this general pantheism is Dormin. Dormin is the only god of any significant power (by traditional D&D standards), and is the only god able to grant his priests the ability to raise the dead—and, indeed, the only god powerful enough to have more than one divine spellcaster in their service. Dormin’s faithful are monotheistic, seeing all other gods and their priests as beneath them (which is true). Similarly all other priests (and the vast majority of the common folk) view Dormin as the ultimate source of Evil, and his followers as the worst kind of heretics.

Divine spellcasters in Dormin’s service may be of any non-Chaotic alignment, treat the Dragon Pistol as their favored weapon, and have access to the Curse, Darkness, Isolation, Light, Resurrection, and Souls domains, and the Banishment, Heresy, Possession, and True Death inquisitions.

Priests and worshipers of Dormin, regardless of class, refer to themselves as “Puritans”, because of their insistence that the worship of one god is more “pure” than the popular Catholic faith. While hunted mercilessly in England and France, the Puritan heretics have been harder to oust elsewhere in the Empire, largely due to their alliance with the various Giants that serve Dormin, and can often be found publicly preaching their nonsense about damnation and the existence of an afterlife in distant colonies.


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