Custom Feats

Channeled Rage [General]
You can focus your rage to counter charms and compulsions.
Prerequisites: Ability to Rage, Orc or Half-Orc
Benefit: Once per day you may spend one of your rounds of rage as an immediate action to add your Strength bonus on a Will saving throw. At 4th level of a raging class, and every 4 levels thereafter, you can use this feat once additional time per day, to a maximum of 6/day at 20th level.

Lone Wolf [General]
Although you may have grown up in the city, you led a lonely childhood and were forced to fend for yourself.
Prerequisite: 1st level, cannot have City Born or Country Born.
Benefit: You take a penalty on Constitution checks to become stable equal to half your negative hit point total, rounded down (minimum 0). Your vigorous health also grants you a +1 trait bonus on Fortitude saves.
Normal: You take a penalty on Constitution checks to become stable equal to your negative hit point total.

Water Rat [General]
Many of the Empire’s citizens learn to swim at a very early age, and take to the water as easily as land.
Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus on Swim checks. When wearing light or no armor and not encumbered, fatigued, or exhausted, you can swim at one-half your speed as a move action or your full speed as a full-round action. While swimming, you gain a +2 bonus on Initiative checks.

Arena Blood [Combat]
The blood of an arena champion flows in your veins, giving you a thirst for glory and a drive to succeed.
Benefit: You get a +2 bonus on Intimidate skill checks. In addition, whenever you successfully demoralize an opponent using the Intimidate skill during combat you are immediately healed of 1d4 points of nonlethal damage.
You also gain a +2 morale bonus Combat Maneuver checks if you are aware of any noncombatants observing a fight you are participating in.

Steadfast Loyalty [General]
Self control and discipline are the birthright of many who grow up in the Empire, and you strive to uphold these ideals.
Benefit: You get a +2 bonus on Will saving throws against charm, compulsion, and fear effects. In addition, if you have the Leadership feat, your leadership score increases by +1.

Suspicious Eye [General]
You are always on the lookout for treachery and wrongdoing.
Benefit: You get a +2 bonus on Sense Motive skill checks. In addition, the DC to take an object from you through the Sleight of Hand skill is increased by +5. You still receive the normal opposed Perception skill check to notice the attempt, and if you make this check, you may immediately make an attack of opportunity on the target who was attempting to pick your pocket. If someone attempts the feint combat maneuver on you, you gain a +4 bonus on your Sense Motive check to avoid the feint.

Merchant’s Tongue [General]
Growing up around the merchant’s district made you glib and gave you a keen eye for value.
Prerequisites: May only be taken at 1st level
Benefit: You have already made quite a bit of money, and have a knack for making more. If you take this feat at 1st level, you gain a one-time bonus of 300s to your starting cash. In addition, whenever you sell an object, you can make an opposed Diplomacy check to automatically sell an object for 5% over its asking price.

Goat Herding Style [Combat, Style]
Like the shepherds, you have studied the movements of some of the greatest natural climbers in the animal kingdom, and have learned to plant your staff like a third leg.
Prerequisites: Tripping Staff, Acrobatics 3 ranks, Handle Animal 3 ranks
Benefit: While using this style you gain a +2 bonus on Climb skill checks, a +2 bonus to your Combat Maneuver Defense against Trip and Bull Rush attempts, and a +2 bonus on Reposition combat maneuver attempts.

Goat’s Sudden Leap [Combat, Style]
Like the goat, you use your uncanny surefootedness to catch your foes off-guard.
Prerequisites: Goat Herding Style, Thick Skull, Acrobatics 5 ranks
Benefit: While using Goat Herding Style, when an opponent attempts a Trip, Overrun, or Bull Rush combat maneuver against you, you can make an Acrobatics check as an immediate action, with a DC equal to the results of their combat maneuver check. If your Acrobatics check succeeds, your opponent’s combat maneuver is negated and you can make an immediate Headbutt attack against the initiating foe. If your Acrobatics check fails, your foe’s combat maneuver automatically succeeds.

Twisting Goat Charge [Combat, Style]
Like a goat, you can end your charge with a twisting, mid-air headbutt.
Prerequisites: Goat’s Sudden Leap, Improved Reposition, Acrobatics 7 ranks
Benefit: When using Goat Herding Style and making a charge attack while armed with a quarterstaff, if your charge attack hits, you can immediately attempt a free Reposition combat maneuver against your target. If your combat maneuver succeeds, you also deal Headbutt damage to your foe and may end your charge in any space adjacent to your foe’s new position.

Disposable Simulacrum: [Theme]
You pull out a pre-assembled gadget, tie it to your life force, and animate it so it can recreate one of your fighting techniques.
Prerequisites: May only be taken at 1st level.
Benefits: You gain a contraption. When deactivated it weighs 5 lbs. and can fit in a pouch or pocket, but as a standard action, you may activate the contraption and place it in an unoccupied adjacent space, at which point it becomes a Small creature. The contraption has the same AC and saves as you, hit points equal to one-quarter your total, and the construct subtype. You can deactivate the contraption as a swift action. If reduced to 0 hit points, the contraption is automatically deactivated and you must spend an hour making repairs before you can activate it again.
Choose a single task that you can normally perform as a standard action, such attacking with a specific weapon, casting a specific spell, moving, or directing a mount. As long as the contraption is within 30 ft., you can spend a standard action to have the contraption perform the chosen task. Spells cast through the contraption count towards your daily spell limit as though you cast the spell. The contraption cannot move on its own, unless you choose a task that involves moving (such as carrying gear or charging), in which case the contraption moves as if it has a speed of 20 ft.
Since it is a simulacrum, the contraption does the task as if you were performing the action in its space. It uses your stats, and if making a weapon attack it even functions as if it had your weapon. At the GM’s discretion, it can also take closely related minor tasks, like reloading a ranged weapon, but otherwise the contraption can take no other actions on its own.
Special: This is a prerequisite for the Fantastic Contraption feat, but does not appear on

Docker’s Jank [Theme]
In a band, every musician has to know his bandmate’s parts in case they need someone to pick up the slack.
Prerequisites: May only be taken at 1st level.
Benefit: You may select up to four allies to be affected by this feat. Once per combat, each ally may, as swift action, attempt the aid another action, granting another ally (or yourself) either a +1 bonus on his next attack roll or a +1 bonus to his AC. You can switch your four chosen allies if you spend a few hours training with them.
In addition, you start with 1 point of Infamy, and your party’s maximum Infamy increases by 1.
Special: If the chosen allies possess any feats or traits that increase the bonus granted by the Aid Another action, this special aid attempt grants one-half the normal bonus (rounded up).

Icy End of the Earth [Theme]
With the dire knowledge that the world shall end in ice, you do what you can to prevent such fate from befalling your allies. These acts come with a high price, as you find yourself closer to death than most.
Prerequisites: May only be taken at 1st level.
Benefit: Once per day you may stabilize a fallen comrade by touching them. You can use this power on any creature who has negative hit points, or who has been dead for less than one full round. In order to use this ability, the creature you touch must have a complete body (thus it cannot be used on a decapitated creature, or the target of a disintegrate spell). If the creature was killed, it is stabilized at 1 hit point above the threshhold at which it would die.
Once per combat, you may summon a temporary zone of cold. This zone manifests in a 10-ft. radius around you, but is stationary. It lasts until you leave its area, fall unconscious, or die. Creatures in the zone cannot heal or gain temporary hit points. Any creature within the zone at the start of its turn (including you) takes cold damage equal to your level. You cannot reduce the damage this does to you by any means, but other creatures’ resistances and immunities can protect them as normal.

The Man with Two Guns is God [Theme]
You have discovered the coolest-looking fighting style in the world.
Prerequisites: May only be taken at 1st level.
Benefit: You can draw and attack with firearms as if you had the Quick Draw and Two-Weapon Fighting feats. If you attack with a firearm in the same turn you draw it, the attack doesn’t provoke attacks of opportunity.
Special: The benefits of this feet do not apply to any weapons other than firearms.

Experimental Strike [Theme]
Scientific breakthroughs are born of both careful study and wild experimentation. Your old reliable attack technique has failed, so it’s time to try option B.
Prerequisites: May only be taken at 1st level.
Benefit: Whenever you miss with all attacks during a full attack action, you may immediately make one additional attack at your highest base attack bonus. You must use this attack for some purpose other than directly attacking an enemy, such as slicing a rope to pin an enemy with a chandelier, or smashing a pipe to spray blinding steam on an enemy.
In addition, you gain proficiency with one martial weapon of your choice.

Skyseer [Theme]
Having been raised with teachings of the Skyseers, you have access to various abilities relating to heavenly guidance.
Prerequisites: May only be taken at 1st level.
Benefit: Immediately prior to a period of extended rest (8 hours minimum) during which the night sky is visible, you may focus your mind on the future and receive a prophetic dream regarding one question. Upon completion of your rest you awaken with insights into the future as though you had cast an Augury spell and received a meaningful reply.
In addition, once every combat you may touch an ally and give them insight into future actions. The touched ally chooses one of the following; Attack Roll, Saving Throw, Skill Check or Concentration Check, and then rolls a d20. The next time the ally would roll for the selected action, they may use the previously rolled result or opt to make a new roll. Other abilities that allow re-rolls may not be used in conjunction with this ability. If the action would have multiple rolls (such as iterative attacks), only the first roll is replaced.

Unfinished Business [Theme]
You possess a deep understanding of spirits and the ties that bind them to the mortal world. With the simplest of actions and words, you can stir the recently deceased into action.
Prerequisites: May only be taken at 1st level.
Benefit: Once per day you may use Speak with Dead as a spell-like ability. When using the spell in this manner, you must use it in the area where your target died and it must be used within a day of the creature’s death. You do not require a complete body as the ability speaks with the spirit and needs no corporeal connection.
Once per combat, as a standard action that provokes attacks of opportunity, you conjure forth a spirit from a creature that died within the last five minutes and with three miles of your current location. The spirit appears in a space you choose within 25 ft. of you, and performs a standard action of your choice (using your statistics). Any attack it makes count as having the ghost touch weapon property.

Hands of Retribution [Theme]
The faint burning outline of a six-armed goddess hovers behind you. As enemies strike your allies, the goddess lashes out in retaliation with blades of fire.
Prerequisites: May only be taken at 1st level.
Benefit: Once per combat, anytime an ally within 20 ft. is damaged by an enemy attack you may use this ability as an immediate action to deal damage equal to your level to the enemy who made the attack. This damage is half fire and half holy. For every 5 levels you possess, you may use this ability once more per combat.
In addition, you start with 1 point of Infamy, and your party’s maximum Infamy increases by 1.

Display of Heroism [Theme]
Seeing an ally in peril, you rush into harm’s way and cover his escape.
Prerequisites: May only be taken at 1st level.
Benefit: Once per combat you may assist an ally who is imperiled. As a move action, you may move your speed to an ally. This movement doesn’t provoke attacks of opportunity. The ally may stand as a free action if prone. You and that ally gain a +2 circumstance bonus to AC and saves until the end of your next turn.
In addition, you start with 1 point of Infamy, and your party’s maximum Infamy increases by 1.

Custom Feats

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