Tag: Faerie Lore


  • In Faerie: Day 1

    p=. Her face the sinking stars desire: Unto her place the slow deeps bring Shadow of errant winds that wing O'er sterile gulfs of foam and fire. p=. Her beauty is the light of pearls. AII stars and dreams and sunsets die To make the fluctuant …

  • In Faerie: Day 4

    p=. The wise man says these animals Lust greatly after pretty girls. This way to catch them is the best, A youth in woman's clothes is dressed And then with dainty steps he flaunts About the Unicorn's bright haunts. For when this creature spies a …

  • Playbook: Highborn Fae

    The border between the mortal realm and the realm of faerie is quite permeable. The Empire has been accepting of Elves, Gnomes, and other descendants of the fae since it was still only the isolated kingdom of England. While your people are more scarce now …

  • Playbook: Fae Foundling

    You were found in swaddling clothes beneath an ancient standing stone near the village, a fae token on your breast. Some of the villagers were kind and took you in to raise you as their own. You have a natural gift with magic and, while some are still …

  • Playbook: Fae Ranger

    You are a remnant of one of the hidden communities of the fae. The forests and wilds are your home, and you wander freely within them, watching communities of men, tracking destructive pirates, and protecting the wild places of the world. Now you live …

  • Playbook: Fae Outrider

    Back in the Faerie realm, you were one of the warriors of your people. You patrolled the borders of your homeland on your trusty pony, watching for bands of marauding giants, dark fae, and lost humans. Now you have journeyed far from home on adventures of …

  • Playbook: Fae Mentor

    From the distant home of your people you have come to the lands of men, peddling your wares as you go and living a life of freedom. For some reason, you picked this village to settle in. You don’t even like it. To make matters worse, there are these …

  • The Island of Faerie

    _In which shall be contained all that the party has learned about the Fae Realms..._ _This handy hex-gridded map is provided for reference (open image in separate tab to view larger)[1]..._ [[File:568617 | class=media-item-align-none | Isle-of- …

  • Creatures of Faerie

    h4(#0000). [[The Red Bull | The Red Bull]] [[File:571422 | class=media-item-align-right | 342x376px | Red_Bull.JPG]]This enormous, flaming-red bovine is 15 feet tall, measures nearly 30 feet from horns to tail, and weighs approximately 16 tons. The …

  • Wihara Nakahi

    ---- h4(#0307). *Wihara Nakahi* notextile.

    Wihara Nakahi

    Kanuku Wani

    h4(#0115). *Kanuku Wani* notextile.

  • Pipi Kohuatia


    Pipi Kohuatia

    Wha-waewae Manu


    Wha-waewae Manu CR 8

    The Red Bull


    Red Bull CR 10
  • Amalthea Flickerfoot

    The "Lady Amalthea" is a member of the Seelie Court of the fey, and leader of the unicorns that are herded by [[The Red Bull | The Red Bull]]. While her mind are generally terrified of the Red Bull, Amalthea knows that the bull exists for the express …

  • The Manekineko Parade

    Perhaps the strangest of all of [[The Dümplom | the Dümplom's]] crew, these tiny abstract caricatures of felines were recruited from the Unseelie side of Faerie. Numbering close to a hundred, this swarm of brightly coloured kittens follows [[:leopold- …

  • Amphitrite

    Amphitrite is one of the Nereids, beautiful water spirits that command the ships of the Seelie court, keeping them in their destined courses and defending them from assailants. She was defeated and her ship destroyed in battle with the Dümplom when it …

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