The Pepperbox Cutlass

A well-crafted weapon, like none you had held before.

weapon (ranged)

Value: 65 Guineas

When helping her father dig the foundations for their new home in the village of Moonplum, Adriana Louisa Marie Harlowe found the skeletal body of an old pirate (or so she judged from his torn and tattered sailor’s garb and half-petrified wooden stump of a leg) buried in the sand—some poor sod who could not make it to water before he died, she reckoned. Beside the old skeleton she found this…


…the strangest and most wonderous weapon she had ever laid eyes on.

The strange gun-blade was badly corroded from exposure to salt and sand, but serviceable. She spent hours in the smithy staring at the strange device with Roger Crumwell, Thadok Jr., and Henrye Allingham before they were finally able to figure out its function and restore it. While most of the, still rather rare, gun-blades are made from common pistols with simple dagger or strait-sword blades mounted on them, this device combines a breach-loading, six-barreled pepperbox with a heavy, curved cutlass blade, like those favored by the raiders of the high seas, and surely cost a good-sized fortune to construct.

The Pepperbox Cutlass is a one-handed, martial weapon that can be freely used as either of the weapons involved (a masterwork pepperbox pistol or a masterwork cutlass). This pistol has six barrels instead of one. The entire barrel housing can be quickly rotated by hand between shots (a free action requiring one free hand), allowing all six bullets to be fired before the weapon must be reloaded. Because of its unique, breach-loading construction, the pistol cannot use ball and powder ammunition and must be loaded with either an alchemical cartridge (loaded whole into the chamber, rather than torn) or a metal cartridge.

In some ways the Pepperbox Cutlass is the ultimate pirate weapon and brandishing this weapon immediately increases the respect the user engenders in other buccaneers. Bearing the Pepperbox Cutlass increases the character’s (and therefore her party’s) infamy by 1 for as long as the sword remains in their possession. This bonus can even allow the party’s infamy to exceed the normal limit (4x party’s average level), though only by the 1 bonus point.

In addition, a character bearing the Pepperbox Cutlass visibly gains a +2 bonus on all Infamy checks to gain additional Infamy or Disrepute, and a +2 bonus on all skill checks to sell plunder. Lastly, no more than once per session, a character with sufficient Infamy to purchase impositions who is in possession of the Pepperbox Cutlass can purchase a single imposition at a discount of 1 Disrepute point.


The Pepperbox Cutlass

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