The Mask of Qara

A bronze mask of indeterminate gender.


This mask appears to be made of dark, antique bronze, formed in the shape of a human face and head (you cannot quite tell what gender it is meant to be) with holes for the eyes, nostrils, and mouth. The mask is double-sided, hinged at the center of the scalp, so as to completely encompass the head of the wearer. It radiates a strong aura of conjuration, transmutation, and necromancy, as well as a strong aura of Evil.

No one knows for sure where the mask came from, but most legends say it was created when a mad priest peeled off the face of the demon Qara and fashioned it into a helmet, believing it would help his son in a coming battle. It proved far too effective, not only was his son impervious to the arrows and swords of his foes, he devastated both sides of the conflict, absorbing the life energy of the fallen to grow his own existence.

Anyone donning the mask is infused with some of the demon Qara’s power, gaining a +2 enhancement bonus to Strength and Constitution, and the ability to speak the Infernal language. In addition, the wearer has beast-like strength, doubling their base carrying capacity (as determined by their strength).

Once it is worn, it immediately fuses to the wearer’s face. It may only be removed with the aid of a break enchantment (DC 36), limited wish, miracle, or wish spell. It cannot be removed with remove curse or suppressed with abeyance.

Starting 1 hour after the mask is donned, the wearer must make a DC 15 Will save. Failure means the character takes 1 point of Wisdom and Charisma drain, as the spirit of Qara assails them. Each night thereafter, at exactly midnight, the character must make a new save or suffer a similar drain. The DC of each subsequent save increases by 1. The drain is doubled if the character is asleep at the time he must make the save, as Qara invades their subconscious mind.

Once the wearer as taken at least 1 point of Wisdom or Charisma drain, more of Qara’s power becomes available. First, he gains Damage Reduction 5/magic. This damage reduction increases by 5 for each failed save, to a maximum of DR 20 / magic (after 4 failed saves). They also gain 5 points of resistance to Acid, Cold, Electricity, and Fire. This increases by 5 for each failed save, to a maximum of 20 (after 4 failed saves). In addition, the wearer radiates a constant Death Knell Aura (DC 19). After 4 failed saves, this increases to a Greater Death Knell Aura (DC 21).


The Mask of Qara

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