The Drowned Rose

A rose carved from alabaster stone.


Value: 100£ (as a work of art)

This beautiful object was, if the appraisers in Moonplum are to be believed, somehow carved from a single piece of rare lavender-mauve calcite-alabaster by the natural flowing of the waters in Stetin Bay. It was found wrapped with the swaddling in which Caddis Duncaster was left, when Joshua found him washed up on the shore. The rose itself is rather large, 17 inches in height (including the stem), with a head nearly 6 inches in diameter, and weighing close to 3 pounds.

The Drowned Rose is constantly moist to the touch, no matter what attempts (mundane or magical) the user makes to dry it. Anyone sleeping in close proximity to the rose will find themselves plagued by dreams of drowning in calm water. The rose radiates a moderate magical aura of an indeterminate type, and a very faint aura of evil.

Caddis learned early on that no matter how much he tried to show it to them, Margaret Samson and Lady Harlowe seemed unable to see the beautiful work of art. In fact, as long as he held or touched the rose, they seemed to completely ignore him as well. Anyone in physical contact with the Drowned Rose gains the benefits of a Hide from Undead spell (Will save DC 16) with regards to The Drowned (this has no effect on other forms of undead).

When a changeling who is touching the rose casts a mind-affecting spell on a target that is sleeping, she adds +1 to the mind-affecting spell’s save DC. If the target succeeds at the saving throw against the spell, it does not wake up, nor does it have any recollection of having resisted a spell. If appropriate, the changeling may incorporate elements of a mind-affecting spell (i.e., sow thoughts, suggestion, and so on) into the target’s subconscious so it believes the spell’s effects originated in its dreams.

In addition, any hag or changeling who is aware of the rose and able to cast the Nixie’s Lure spell, can choose to have the spell affect the holder of the rose, regardless of the distance.

A character with the Accursed Story, Accursed Heritage, Accursed Hex, or Accursed Critical feat can use the rose to cast Nightmare (DC 20) once per day, and gains the ability to affect The Drowned with mind-affecting spells and effects (despite their undead state).

Because of the strange construction of the rose, any time a person carrying the rose takes damage from an acid attack, he must make a Reflex saving throw (DC 5 + one-half the damage dealt). On a failed save, the calcite in the rose effervesces, filling a 20-ft. radius with frothing pink and green bubbles, and destroying the rose. Anyone in the area of the bubbles is affected as if by a Drown spell (save DC 24). Anyone slain by the bubbles rises as one of The Drowned even if they are not in contact with natural water.


The Drowned Rose

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