The Daredevil's Boots


These lovely, thigh-high ladies boots are made of the softest calf-skin, stitched with a simple, yet attractive quilted pattern, with elven filigree around the cuff. The boots radiate transmutation magic and resize themselves to fit any medium-sized wearer (though they look rather awkward on those without a shapely leg to accompany them). The boots soften footfalls, reduce the imprint of tracks, and grant the wearer additional maneuverability when moving through hazardous terrain.

The wearer gains a +2 circumstance bonus on Stealth checks and the DC of any checks made to follow the wearer’s tracks are increased by +2. In addition, the wearer gains a +5 bonus on any Acrobatics checks made to perform any particularly dangerous or heroic act (such as charging through an enemy’s threatened area, balance on unusually high or precarious positions, leap from burning buildings, swing on ropes across spike-filled chasms, ride a barrel over a waterfall, etc). Furthermore, anytime the wearer of the boots successfully moves though the space of an enemy without provoking an attack of opportunity, she gains a +2 bonus on attack rolls against that enemy until the end of her turn.


The Daredevil's Boots

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