Thaduk's Buckle

A heavy, ornate iron belt buckle.


This mighty belt buckle of heavy iron was the first item on which Thaduk Smith tried his budding runecraft. Inscribed with complex glyphs of warding, Thaduk thought that the belt would protect the wearer against various traps and hazards, but, as a first attempt, the work was far from perfect. The buckle must be attached to a belt and worn to have any effect. The runes covering the buckle radiate a moderate aura of Abjuration magic.

Any Orc or Half-Orc wearing a belt with Thaduk’s Buckle gains an instinctual understanding of traps and other complex mechanisms, most especially how to bust them up. The wearer gains Trap Wrecker as a bonus feat, as long as the buckle is worn. They do not need to meet any of the prerequisites to qualify for this feat, other than being an Orc or Half-Orc.

If worn by an Orc or Half-Orc named Thaduk (as all male members of Thaduk Smith’s family are), the wearer also gains a +1 deflection bonus to AC.


Thaduk's Buckle

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