Shawl of the Nereid

This white, knit shawl is perpetually wet.


This white, knit shawl is perpetually wet, yet weighs next to nothing, like the finest silk.

A nereid protects its shawl at all costs, since it contains the nereid’s essence and if it is destroyed the nereid will dissolve into formless water. Possession of a nereid’s shawl gives a character control over the fearful creature, and it can be commanded to do one’s bidding. A nereid will lie and attempt anything short of hostile actions to regain its soul-shawl. A nereid forced to obey in this manner immediately attempts to slay her master as soon as she can secure her shawl’s safety. A nereid will obey the possessor of her shawl as if affected by a Charm Monster spell (save that she will act as if her attitude was “Helpful” but will immediately become “Hostile” once the shawl is back in her possession.

Powerful sea captains sometimes wear nereid shawls as scarves, to show their command over the creatures of the sea; the forlorn nereids can be glimpsed following in the wake of their ships, sobbing and begging for the return of their essences. These shawls command handsome sums from those who need the services of a water creature, but they are seldom sold and are very scarce. It is rumored that wizards who hold a shawl use their enslaved nereid as a guide on journeys to the elemental plane of Water.

This particular shawl has one other ability of note. If any being on a ship wears this shawl, the entire ship is protected from the vagaries of the magical weather that plagues the Faerie Realm. When in Faerie, the ship treats all weather as if it were calm and clear, perfect weather for sailing, regardless of the actual prevailing conditions. If the shawl is removed from the ship, the prevailing weather conditions immediately take effect (with potentially disastrous results from the suddenness).


Shawl of the Nereid

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