Medo Avassalador

A sword of black steel crafted by alien hands.

weapon (melee)

This longsword is a uniform, non-reflective dark grey, almost black, and lets off a constant smell of freshly spilt blood. The blade is carved with runes and characters in a language which no one in the village of Moonplum was ever able to identify. When swung forcefully, the blade trails a faint, shadowy haze with every stroke, and its whistling through the air sounds like the a deep moan, creating a menacing dirge when wielded in battle.

The blade is made of what is sometimes called “Primal Iron”. The tales of the elder druids tell of the creation of metal by the “first gods” when their blood mingled with portals into the plane of dreams and filtered down to iron ore deposits in the deep places of the earth. The runes carved into the blade are of no language found on the earth, nor in the known planes, and may be meaningless.

Leupold received the sword as a gift from Father William after a particularly rousing performance in the village square, though the governor never explained where he obtained the thing. Leupold suspects that the old governor was eager to be rid of the blade, given the deep sense of dread, bordering on nausea, he feels whenever he hefts the thing. The blade’s name was given to it by Father William, though, again, he never explained what it means.

Anyone holding Medo Avassalador is afflicted with a deep-seated dread, like a stone in the pit of their stomach. The wielder of the blade suffers a -2 morale penalty on Will saves as long as it is held in hand, and automatically fails any saving throws against magical Fear effects, but gains a +4 morale bonus to the DC to Intimidate him (as no human can possibly be as frightening as the sword).

On the plus side, Leupold has learned that when he has the blade in hand, he can instill that same dread in those that stand against him, granting him a +4 circumstance bonus on Intimidate skill checks. In addition, any enemy immediately threatened by Medo Avassalador finds it extremely difficult to concentrate on anything other than the looming threat of the frightening blade. Any allies of Medo Avassalador’s wielder gain an additional +2 bonus on their attack rolls against any target flanked by Medo Avassalador’s wielder.

When Medo Avassalador confirms a critical hit, the target is shaken for 1 minute (no save). A creature that gains the shaken condition from the weapon cannot gain that condition again from the same weapon for 24 hours. This is a mind-affecting, emotion, fear effect.

Medo Avassalador counts as Magical, Cold-Iron, and Evil for the purpose for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction, affecting regeneration, and concerning vulnerability to cold iron. Against creatures whose damage reduction is overcome by cold iron, or whose regeneration stops functioning due to a cold iron attack, or who are vulnerable to cold iron Medo Avassalador’s base weapon damage is doubled (to 2d8). Additional damage (including sneak attacks, strength bonuses, specialization, etc.) is not increased.


Medo Avassalador

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