Mantle of the Saint

A thick, fluffy red mantle trimmed with white fur.


This protective garment once belong to the infamous Captain Nikolaos of Myra. The gold-embroidered overcoat is made from red wool flannel with quilted cotton broadcloth lining in the hood, mantle, body and sleeves. Every edge of the coat, hood and mantle aside from the sleeve cuffs has plush white seal fur trim which was hand stitched into place then embellished with stitched gold braid. The sleeves have turned back seal fur cuffs with red wool flannel bound edges and buttonholes as depicted in a reference image. There are three solid bronze clasps at the front of the jacket featuring stags, oak leaves and acorns.

The Mantle of the Saint functions as a suit of +2 quilted cloth armor, granting a +3 bonus to armor class (no armor check penalty, max dex bonus of 8) and damage reduction 3/- against attacks made with small piercing weapons or projectiles. In addition, the mantle grants the wearer Cold Resistance 20.


Mantle of the Saint

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