Lyle's Morningstar

A black-iron spiked club.

weapon (melee)

This inelegant yet effective weapon belonged to Lyle Goodwin, the one-armed drunk who served as the lookout for Rickety’s Squibs. While the morningstar is an unusual choice of weapon for a pirate, and more “up close and personal” than one would expect of a person who spent most of their time up in a watchtower, this particular chunk of iron was a gift from Lyle’s wife, a prophetess of ‘Chris’ (the god of renaming things). After Lyle died, by getting stinking drunk, falling out of his tower, and subsequently being gnawed upon by a hungry degenerate, the weapon came into the possession of Thaduk.

The morningstar is forged of solid, black iron, from grip to spiked-ball tip. The shaft just below the head bears the inscription “Dea bua bod cró” on one side, and “Scriú liom leis seo” on the other. No one in the small squib village (except perhaps Chandra) recognizes the language or knows what it means, but it is assumed to be some secret name of the weapon, or perhaps some proclamation of love between the wife and her husband.

Lyle’s Morningstar functions as a masterwork cold-iron morningstar. In addition, the blessings laid on it by Chandra grant the wielder a merciless level of precision. Any wielder who makes a sneak attack with the morningstar against any target that is already afflicted with any of the following conditions: blinded, dying, entangled, exhausted, frightened, helpless, nauseated, panicked, paralyzed, or stunned may deal increased damage. When attacking such a target, the wielder rolls d8s for his sneak-attack damage, rather than d6s.

Because Lyle’s Morningstar was blessed by the power of Chris, any wielder who clearly names his target before making an attack can cause an additional effect. This naming does not need to be the actual name of the target, as new and invented epithets are sacred to Chris — thus the classic “your name is Mud” is a perfectly common and appropriate invocation of the weapon’s power (Lyle was never very creative). Naming a target in this way is a swift action, which must be done before the attack roll is made. On a successful hit, the target is affected as if by a Modify Memory spell (Will DC 14 negates), causing them to either forget their own name (if such was used), or to believe the false epithet the wielder invoked to be their real name.


Lyle's Morningstar

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