Longfarthing's Ring of Fluid Nature


This ring was taken from the body of Peppery Longfarthing, the former Sailing Master of the Red Sadness. The ring is carved from whale-bone, worked into the shape of a skull being grappled by a mass of octopoid tentacles, and set with three large pearls.

Anyone wearing the ring finds their movements to become unconsciously more limber, rolling, and fluid, like the flow of water and waves. The wearer is immune to Sea-sickness and gains a +4 bonus to his Combat Maneuver Defense against any bull rush, drag, grapple, reposition, or trip attempts. He also gains a +4 dodge bonus to his AC against any rolls made to confirm a Critical Hit against him.

In addition, a wearer of at least 5th character level gains Dodge as a bonus feat, even if he does not meet the prerequisites.


Longfarthing's Ring of Fluid Nature

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