Leanan's Keytar

musical instrument

This ornate hand-held keyboard was gifted to Leopold by the Leanan Sidhe. The strange instrument has neither a sounding board nor resonating chamber, and does not appear to have space to support strings or hammers within, thus no one has any idea how the keyboard produces such loud and melodic tones—truly a work of faerie magic.

The Keytar grants Leo a +4 bonus on all Perform (keyboard) or Perform (singing) checks made using it, in addition, it allows Leo to use Perform (keyboard) or Perform (singing) in place of Intimidate checks (as per the Bard’s Versatile Performance class ability).

Once per day, by playing an incredibly awesome riff on the keytar as a standard action, Leo can cause the Keytar’s “mouth” to emit a 30-ft. line of fire, dealing an amount of fire damage equal to his result on a Perform (keyboards) skill check to all creatures in the area of effect. A successful Reflex save (DC equal to the result of the Perform (keyboards) check) halves the damage.


Leanan's Keytar

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