Moonplum Watch Bugle

A small brass bugle, of the type used for military calls.

musical instrument

Value: 5s, 10d

This simple brass horn belonged to Henrye Allingham, formerly the signal officer of the small militia in the village of Moonplum. He was promoted to captain of the militia roughly nine months ago when Thaduk, the former captain, died of a fever. It was given as a gift to Thaduk Jr., the eldest son of Thaduk after his father’s death.

While few in Moonplum have had proper military training, every able-bodied man in the village knows to respond to the bugle’s call. Any loud blow on the Bugle will bring everyone in the village running. This requires a Perform [brass instruments] check against a DC 10 (which may be done untrained). The bugle can be heard at a distance of one-quarter mile, plus one-quarter mile per 5 by which the performer beats the DC.

As a general rule, alerted villagers will arrive (quite out of breath) within 1d10+10 rounds for every quarter-mile distant they are.1 In addition to Moonplum militia, all Imperial soldiers are familiar with the calls used and will respond appropriately if sounded by an allied signaler. With sufficient time spent drilling, other units can be trained to respond in kind as well.

In the hands of a skilled trumpeter (1 or more ranks in Perform [brass instruments], the Moonplum Watch Bugle can be used to issue a variety of commands by playing the proper bugle call (typical commands include Advance, Retreat, Halt, Take Cover, or Lay Down Arms). Playing a bugle call requires a full-round action and a successful Perform [brass instruments] check against DC 12. If successful, the call acts as the Command spell, affecting all non-hostile creatures within 60 feet, regardless of languages (unwilling targets are allowed a DC 12 Will save to resist the effect). This is a sonic, mind-affecting effect.

In the hands of a skilled trumpeter, the Moonplum Watch Bugle can also be used to play Reveille. This call requires a full-round action and a successful Perform [brass instruments] check against DC 12. If successful, all sleeping creatures within 60 feet are immediately awakened, even if subject to a magical effect such as Symbol of Sleep or Eternal Slumber. Reveille can be played no more than once per day. A creature awakened early from natural sleep gains the Fatigued condition.


1 Yes the average Moonplum villager can run a 6-minute mile. They are hard-working farmers and fishermen, and drill in militia maneuvers regularly.

Moonplum Watch Bugle

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