Henrye's Shining Helmet

A polished steel helmet of the kind worn by the Spanish conquistadores.


Value: 13s, 4d

This polished steel helmet was given to Henrye Allingham as a gift by a Spanish explorer whom he met during his journey to the South Pacific. While typical of the kind used by the Spanish, this helmet looks awfully strange among the British and German colonists of Moonplum village, and has served to set Henrye apart. In addition to saving his noggin from many a beating, Henrye attributes his successful promotion in the village militia to his impressively shiny helmet.

When wearing a helmet, you add +1 to your AC against critical hit confirmation rolls. In addition, when a critical hit is confirmed against you, as an immediate action, you can choose to treat the attack as a normal hit. If you do so, your helmet gains the broken condition, and you are staggered until the end of your next turn. You may not use this ability if your helmet has the broken condition or the attack ignores armor bonuses to AC.

Henrye’s helm radiates a moderate aura of magic, in addition to the normal effects of wearing a helmet, Henrye’s Shining Helmet helps free the wearer from outside influences. Whenever the wearer must make a saving throw against a mind-affecting effect, he may roll twice and take the better result.

All spells with the Light descriptor cast directly on or by the wearer of the helm have their effective caster level increased by +2.


Henrye's Shining Helmet

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