Guilliaume's Hand

weapon (melee)

This crude-looking device is a simple, bent iron hook mounted to a stitched leather cup, meant to be worn on the stump of a wrist. This functions as a normal hook hand for all purposes, and counts as a cold-iron weapon for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction and the like.

A Warlock wearing the Guilliaume’s Hand can, as a standard action, cause the hook to change into any mundane object that weighs no more than 1 pound per warlock level he possesses. The item is attached, just as the hook is, and cannot be put down, dropped, or disarmed. The hook remains in this form for 1 minute before returning to hook form. Creating an Item to an exact specifications might require a Craft skill check, subject to GM discretion. The object must be solid in nature and able to be held in one hand (you could use this ability to create a longsword, but not a vial of alchemist’s fire). The Warlock can use this ability a number of times per day equal to his Warlock level.


Guilliaume's Hand

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