Gargoyle Crown


Ancient Maori wizards crafted several dozen of these crowns for those gargoyle minions who served them well. Over the centuries, most of the gargoyle crowns have been lost or destroyed, but a few remain, here and there on the island of Tauranga, often in the possession of those original favored gargoyle minions.

Crafted from pieces of carefully carved granite, this crown features eight sharp points ringing the wearer’s head. The crown has two primary powers. Once per day, as a bonus action, the crown can be activated to grant the wearer Damage Reduction 5/admantine for 10 minutes, giving his skin the appearance of dark granite. The crown also grants the wearer the ability to make a special Smite attack, once per day, against creatures in contact with natural earth or stone, gaining a +4 bonus on attack and damage rolls with the strike. The wearer must declare he is using this ability before making the attack roll.


Gargoyle Crown

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