Festive Snowglobe

A glass orb filled with sparkling white flakes suspended in clear liquid.


This item is a spherical, clear glass orb. On first inspection, the inside of the orb appears to be filled with water and small white metal flakes which swirl about when the orb is shaken. It radiates a moderate aura of illusion and conjuration magics.

Anyone holding and staring at the festive snowglobe for longer one full round will see an image of themselves in the center of the globe, along with all terrain and inanimate objects within a 100 feet of the holder, though no other creatures are shown. All things seen by this birds-eye view are in extreme miniature, and thus it cannot help with navigation or searching for objects.

If the globe is shaken vigorously (requiring a second full-round action), the white flecks in the globe begin to swirl about the miniature depiction. On the following round, it will begin snowing heavily in the user’s general vicinity. This acts as a Sleet Storm spell, save that it is centered on the user and affects a cylinder with an area 100-ft. in radius and 100-ft. high. The snow continues to fall for 1d20 rounds. The holder of the snowglobe can reset the duration at any time by giving the globe an additional shake (as a swift action). So long as the user continues to agitate the globe, the snow continues to fall, causing accumulation at the rate of 1 half-inch of snow every round. If the user moves, the miniature blizzard moves with him, always remaining centered on the globe.

Once the festive snowglobe has been used to create a snowstorm, it cannot be activated again for 24 hours.


Festive Snowglobe

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