Amalthea's Bindi


This shining blue gem is usually worn on the forehead between the eyebrows, though a creature can affix the gem to any part of her body by pressing it to her skin and holding it for 1 minute. It originally belonged to Amalthea Flickerfoot. The "Lady Amalthea" was a member of the Seelie Court of the fey, and leader of the unicorns that are herded by The Red Bull, until she and her herd were butchered by the pirates of the Dümplom.

Once affixed, the creature wearing the bindi gains the ability to change shape into a Unicorn at will. The user can remain in unicorn form indefinitely, and does not revert to their natural form when slain. If the unicorn's horn is removed, it reverts to Bindi form and the user will revert to their natural form. The wearer's ability scores do not change as a result of the change in shape. Changing to unicorn form or back to the wearer's original form is a standard action that provokes attacks of opportunity. This otherwise functions as the Alter Self spell.

While in unicorn form, the bindi changes to appear as an unusually long, regal-looking horn, granting the wearer the ability to make a gore attack (1d4 damage) as a primary natural attack. Any creature struck by the gore attack must make a Fortitude save (DC 16) or fall asleep for 6 rounds. A victim put to sleep by the horn may make a new save at the end of each of their turns to wake up and end the effect. 

Regardless of what form the wearer of Amalthea's Bindi is in, the bindi grants the wearer a +2 deflection bonus to Armor Class against spells or magical effects that require a ranged touch attack (but not those that require normal ranged attacks). Additionally, once per day, the wearer of the bindi can deflect a single ray attack targeted at them as if they were using the Deflect Arrows feat (they need not have a free hand to deflect the ray in this way).

Lastly, the wearer of Amalthea's Bindi may treat Fey as humanoids for purposes of any spells or spell-like abilities (such as charm person, hold person, or the like).


Amalthea's Bindi

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