Praise-God Barebones

A monotheist (read-as 'raving lunatic') trying to convert the pirates of Rickety's Squibbs.


Praise-god is one of many journeyman shipwrights working in the dry-dock at Rickety’s Squibs, and easily the most promising. While not half-as-old as Rickety Hake himself, his gaunt features and scraggly white beard easily make him pass as such. He is also a Puritan, a worshiper of the “dark god” Dormin. While most of the locals at Rickety’s small settlement have long-since closed their ears to Praise-god’s proselytizing, he is quick to strike up a sermon whenever any newcomers come to port (much to Hake’s dismay, as its “bad for business”). Luckily, Praise-god is a canny actor, and knows when to shut up (especially around Catholic clerics or anywhere near Rickety Squibb’s small church). Despite his skill, both Hake and Praise-god would be happy to see him go, preferably on a ship which might be more amenable to his heretical religious views.

Iron Coins: These coins can replace any material component for any divine spell [even expensive ones] cast by a Puritan on a one-for-one basis. Among Puritans the coins are valued at 1 sovereign. Among Catholics, possession of these coins is considered an act of Heresy.

Praise-God Barebones

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