Lyle Goodwin

The lookout for RIckety's Squibs.


This one-armed drunkard is the lookout for Rickety’s Squibs. From a watchtower that is is little more than a covered platform elevated on wooden poles, Lyle can see pretty much everything going on in the small settlement, as well as all ships approaching the harbor. From this platform, one-armed Lyle Goodwin lounges in the shade on a rope hammock with his trained parrot, Rotgut, and watches out for incoming vessels.

No more than two or three ships arrive at Rickety’s in a typical month, so Goodwin spends most of his time in a rum-soused stupor. The only route to the isolated tower is a treacherous, winding path along the knife-edged ridgeline, so Godwin is content to remain where he is most of the time and let Rickety’s porters bring out weekly deliveries of food and rum. Even at his most drunk though, Lyle is a keen-eyed lookout and can usually be counted on to know whats-what in the little town.

A week after the arrival of the Red Sadness, Lyle was [[At Rickety’s Squibbs: Day 7 | found dead]] at the watchtower. Apparently having gotten completely sloshed on plum wine and fallen out of the tower.

Lyle Goodwin

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